Ice Factory

The idea behind establishing ice factory came after extensive studies on the project that we carried out inside the company when we found the availability of the essential elements in the success of the project represented in:

  1. It will be a project that provides services to the people of the region in terms of availability of ice in large quantities.
  2. Contributes to save time, effort and money on fishermen and fish traders in bringing ice from remote places.
  3. Create a movement in the market that all can take advantage of.
  4. Provide a high quality and competitive product.
  5. Create new jobs opportunities in the region.

We have worked to be the leading factory in Oman and the region in terms of fulfilling all standards of safety and quality known in the Sultanate and endeavoring to obtain necessary certificates, permits and approvals from official and concerned bodies and this brought us to the forefront of factories involved in the production of ice.

Shtal Factory is one of the largest ice manufacturers in storage and sales in terms of the size of the building and the quantity of the daily production, where the daily production exceeds 3,000 bags per day. The factory is equipped to meet the requirements of the market when there is increase in the demand against the current offering so that the production capacity and capability increases to reach 5000 bags per day.

The factory is ready to professionally meet all kinds of contracts related to the field alongside formal transactions for all companies wishing to contract with us. We are ready to deliver with all confidence, credibility, speed and accuracy in timely manner at the highest quality standards.

At the ice factory, we strive to immediately meet the customers’ demands by speeding up the production, packaging and loading. All this with an air-conditioning hall designated for customers to wait for their order with a buffet of coffee, tea and fresh drinks and entertainment such as television to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable time until their order is ready.