Import and Export Company

Road Transport, Maritime Transport, Air Transport

Shital Gate Company

We strive to be the best road, maritime and air shipping company in the Sultanate of Oman.

We look forward to be the best shipping company for all international sea ports related to containers of 20 feet, 40 feet containers and high-cube containers.

A shipping line has also been opened with the Republic of China through agreements with Chinese shipping companies and submitted orders to Chinese Mega manufacturers in various fields to obtain agencies and warranties when submitting any request through Shital Gate Company for products. This will ensure optimum customer safety and security when ordering as well as keeping them away from any fraud situation or the like.

Shital Gate Company provides door to door service at the best prices.

Shital Gate Company is designed to create the perfect atmosphere for all international purchasing clients in a professional and specialized manner that is secure to all parties. This will eventually contribute to the economic growth for all parties dealing with the Company.

Our efforts continue to build internationally healthy trade relations that achieve desired outcome and prevent any risk associated through rigorous plans and studies in the business field.